Feeling Down? Try Changing the Color of Your Walls.

Feeling Down? Try Changing the Color of Your Walls.

Offering color design and painting services in Louisville, KY

Novo Remodeling Inc. doesn’t just provide painting services to our clients. We can also help you choose the best colors for your home. Psychology Today encourages its readers to use well-chosen color in their living and working spaces, as certain colors can actually make you happier.

But which colors work for which spaces? We factor in things like the room’s:

  • Size: Make a small room look larger with your color choice.
  • Height: Create the illusion of greater height with painted ceilings.
  • Function: Enhance your mood by choosing a color that works for your room’s intended purpose.
Speak with a painting contractor in Louisville, KY now to discuss your home’s color scheme.

Why hire a painting contractor for your remodeling project?

Instead of hiring a drywall crew, a plumber, an electrician and a painter to handle your home remodel, just call Novo Remodeling. Our team includes an experienced painting contractor to put the finishing touches on your home remodel.

If you’re ready to renovate in Louisville, KY, add painting services from Novo Remodeling to your agenda. Call 502-797-9992 now to speak with a full-service contractor.