Looking for an Easy Floor Replacement?

Looking for an Easy Floor Replacement?

We install laminate flooring in Louisville, KY

It’s no surprise that laminate flooring has become so popular in recent years. Laminate gives you the look of hardwood without the added cost or upkeep.

Novo Remodeling Inc. offers laminate floor replacement services in Louisville, KY and the surrounding area. We’ll remove your old flooring and install the hardwood design of your choice. Call 502-797-9992 today to schedule your floor replacement appointment.

Is a ceramic floor installation right for your home?

Installing tile makes an immediate impact on your home’s appearance. Add ceramic tile to your kitchen, bathroom, living room or throughout your house. Ceramic tile is:

  • Allergen-free: Eliminate dust and other allergens that collect in carpet.
  • Low-maintenance: Clean your tile floors quickly and easily.
  • Long-lasting: Enjoy the beauty of your tile flooring for decades.
Call Novo Remodeling in Louisville, KY now to arrange for a tile floor installation.